This is When Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Users in India Receive an Update of Android 9 Pie


Like Nokia and OnePlus, Samsung was not very quick to bring the latest software to their Android mobile phones. Not even the new ones. But it seems that Samsung has finally thought about it, and earlier this week, the company officially announced that over 20 company phones, old and new, will be received on 201 One9 One-Touch Android Pie. Samsung has recently updated the Galaxy S9 and the Samsung S9 to the Galaxy S9 + on Android 9 Pie and it seems that the Galaxy Note 9 is now the next in the list.

According to GizmoChina, a website linked to the Turkish arm of Samsung has revealed that the Galaxy Note 9 will be available from January 15, 2019 with the update of Android 9 Pie (Stable). Although the South Korean smartphone maker still reveals details about the look, it seems that January 15 could be a possible date for the software launch, since the 9-mark is now receiving the final cake beta update.

According to another SamMobile report, Samsung has started releasing the latest Android 9 Pie beta update for all Galaxy Note 9 users starting today. The update is currently reported to affect users of Galaxy Note 9 in the United States and India and should also be distributed in other countries. It is important to know that countries with the beta program can only receive the final update of Android 9 Pie.

The report shows some screenshots of the change log, demonstrating that the software update also includes the latest Android security update. Also, the new update includes some bug fixes and improvements. Corrections have been made for: the crash of the Samsung Notes app, problems of recharging the app when accessing the screen of the last app, slow reaction when switching from front to back camera and the list goes on. The update also includes an Android security patch for the Indian user of January 2019. Well, even the security patch for Android should arrive in other regions, but there is still no confirmation of it.

Samsung recently confirmed the list of phones that will receive an update of Android 9 Pie based on a One interface that will replace the Samsung experience interface. Here are all Samsung phones that will be updated to PIE in 2019: Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 +, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy A8 2018, Galaxy A8 + 2018, Galaxy A7 2018, Galaxy Galaxy Tab S4 10.5, Galaxy J4 +, Galaxy J6 +, Galaxy J6 +, Galaxy J6 +, Galaxy J7 2017, Galaxy J7 2017, Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy X3, Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Tab Active2 and Galaxy Tab A 10.5.

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